Why time flies

When you start work you have 40 years plus to retirement. It does not seem to be a real problem. However ask most retirees and they will tell you time goes faster and faster. Age does not always bring wisdom, but it certainly can make time fly.

In fact at a management conference in 2014 in Sun City, Adrian Gore, who is the CEO of Discovery told us that he had a hypothesis on this subject. Adrian is a fascinating man to listen to and he started me thinking -why time goes faster and faster:

Adrian stated: Time is like inflation and has a compounding affect:

The ratio effect was proposed by Pierre Janet way back in 1877, when you are five years of age a year is 20% of your life. That same year at 50 years of age, is a mere 2% of your life.

As another aspect, time could also have a validity.

A child, has a life expectancy of many years ahead, so time seems infinite from the point of the child. If the child of five  who looks ahead to 60 years then the measurement of a day is 0, 4566%  of that child’s life.  However at the age of 45 a day in that person’s life becomes 5.4% of that person’s life and at 55 that same day becomes 27% of their life. Of course we do not expect to die at 60 years of age, but many of us would like to retire then.

Another way to look at this is that age increases our perception of endings, the ending of a work relationship and off the person’s life.

Of course another great person: Albert Einstein said that an hour spent in the company of pretty girls also passes more quickly than an hour spent in a dentist chair. This would have equal weight for most people.

What is true is that around retirement age this perception of time flying seems to slow somewhat  which may be that another explanation to the feeling that there is not enough time to get things done may be reinterpreted as the feeling that time is passing too quickly.

What time does do- is help us to plan for retirement and this should start with the first pay check.

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