Conditions such as arthritis and rehumatism a stress response, and if the pain remains chronic(ongoing), this can lead to a state of long-term stress in the body.This will cause neurologic(nerve), endocrine (glandular), and immune( disease fighting ability) system changes in your body. Constant pain can lead to higher blood pressure and also weight gain.

Doctors treat such aches and pains with immunosuppressive medications,  and this means those people are also at a greater infection risk since the immune system is what fights off infection.

What to do.

Try to avoid people as much as possible and do stay at least 1 meter away from everyone. Ask people not to hug and kiss you at present.  In your home wash everything with soap and water. While cleaning wear disposable gloves and clean regularly with soap and water, if you are worried then follow by a disinfectant to kill any virus infections. Effective options for sanitising include a bleach solution of 5 tablespoons per 3.5l or or 4 teaspoons per  litre of water. If you use a sanitiser then  solutions with at least 70% alcohol.

Keep some hand sanitisers for if you do go out or if you meet people. We get some hand wipes and use our ethanol supplies from brewing to ensure they are effective, but if you are not a brewer, then read the package( take a magnifying glass to shop).

If possible get two weeks groceries and some good library books in the house and take a home vacation. Jjust chilling in front of the TV and skype of facetime everyone to keep them aware you are alive and can be irritating even when not present. This is very important or our descendants may get out of hand without our guidance. Treat yourself to nice bubble baths, drink indiscriminately, eat chocloate, play solitaire and otherwise just enjoy being alone. Alternatively find a remote spot and go do that holiday in the wild away from people with your significant or annoying other. Hiking does not give you corona virus!

Remember ty- no don’t touch your eyes, nose, and mouth. If you have somehow come into contact with the virus, touching your face can help it enter your body.

Sneeze and cough into a tissue and should people not do this around them, offer them a tissue to do so and get out of the enviroment as fast as possible. Find water  and wash your hands and face as quickly as possible. If you have to travel take some liquid soap or make your own soap bubbles, using an old pill  sheet with decent sized pill holes-  I use a parcetemol tablet sleeve and simply pull of  all the foil to make it look nice. No  using a bowl of hot water and a jug, I melt soap and pour in the little holes the pills used to stay in. Then I stick a piece of foil over the pill sheet with some glue and pop the sheet in  a bag. Sometimes I let the soap pills set overnight and just decant the small soap pellets into a little container( naughty hint: make out of white soap and offer the really annoying people a mint-. Your old,  so you can pretend you got confused).

Don’t wear a mask unless you’re sick. It is expensive and unneccessary and the mask itself can be a source of infection if you don’t follow the guidelines. Do have the flu shot if you are healthy, but ensure that you do wash hands and face immediately after visiting the doctors or clinic.

Stay safe guys, by August this will be another wrinkle in the skin.