Ultimately it is all about you part 1.

Life is what happens when you are really living. Death is what happens when you only think you are living

Great masters knew the truth of life was you. Nothing more and nothing less exists but you. The masters knew this and tried to give a pattern to people to follow.  The path has been destroyed and for many of us we need to find the path again

Today there are many ways we are told to get self-mastery. Mastery paths encompass liberation theology, Chaka awakenings and Zen Buddhist path of the Ox; there are thousands of other way promising eternal happiness and economic prosperity. The secret, Celestine prophecies, and Christian churches all decreed the written word was the way and promptly went about ensuring which interpretations they deemed appropriate to believe in.

With prosperity doctrines, violence to others, divorce and homosexuality all part of mainline Christian belief, the result left many disillusioned and searching. New age doctrines and a spiritual materialism became the norm rather than the exception.

For those who failed the growth and had not the money or patience for the spiritual, there was drugs, alcohol, sex and other addictions.

The real truth: True life needs no drugs, as it is a high beyond anything you can imagine and available at your whim. The cost is nothing, the time spent is the rest of your life and it is only about you.

Yet it is also true that there are many paths to mastery.

So what is the answer?

In these articles we will explore the concept of spiritual growth in this mad world. We will look at the pathways and the emotional developments we can experience. Our journey of exploration will look at essential truths and we will try to get our psychological state explained.

The aim of our journey will be for each person is able to find the God that was born, died and lives again in each one of us. This is not a religious process it is a self-growth process.

The journey though is not easy. In fact it is going to be fraught with difficulties as those around us will seek to bring us down when we start to experience the God force working.  

When you start walking to the light you see your imperfections, you will be humbled by your own existence. You will learn to be gentle with people, knowing you are like them too.

Expect your journey to lead though the vales of fear, for fear and pain teach us faith and endurance to put us on the mountain top of self-knowledge. The mountain top where the sound of our inner peace achieves beauty beyond your expectations, allowing you to go back down and live in the world, with strength and dignity.

The search for your soul will mean dealing with your ego, your own desires and will not be about overcoming the self but learning to live with the self!

It is the self that will provide the glory that we are promised, the peace beyond understanding that can be ours in this world.

So let us begin. First you need to ensure you have a book to write in or draw in. Coloured pencils, pens or paints at hand.

Step one:

When we are born we are dependent on others for our nurturing and survival. In many cases this can be less than ideal and the results continue to adulthood.

Sit down now put three columns on the first page of your book.

Column one is what you loved about your childhood. Column two is what you hated about that situation and column three is the way those things that most benefitted you. Look at my example:

Item I Love What did I hate Benefit of the situation How can I use this benefit to help others?
Travelling to new places Always being taken out of school I am able to learn on the fly, and do not need a teacher. I can make friends easily.   I can teach others to learn in different ways. I can give others hope that they are able to take control of situations that are not ideal. I can make people feel at ease as I can understand other paradigms  
Having  a happy  family A death under my care. I learnt that I can live with pain. I learnt that I was not responsible. I learnt I could not control life. I can be empathetic and sympathetic. I can allow people to cry and talk without stopping them. I have learned it is their pain and I just need to be present to hold them. There is life after death and I can give people hope. I can help others not to feel guilt.

In this exercise we are working out how situations we love have elements of things we hate and vice versa. We then look at the benefits and how we have grown. Our final step is to see how we can use this to enhance our God force or positive benefits to others. The last two steps may take us some time and you will find you need to keep this list and update it. Mine is done on an excel spreadsheet for that reason. However I do find it handy to keep it with me on my phone, so I can work on it anywhere.

Why do we do this?

To learn to grow. Growth is important in our journey to understand that for none of us are there absolute truths, it is all subjective depending on our view point. If we learn, then we see life as a journey and even those terrible days and events teach us new growth. By seeing how we can benefit the world around us, we start to expand our consciousness.

Now continue this exercise for the next 90 days and in part two we will continue our journey to find the God that was born, died and lives again in each one of us.