How to be happy part 1.

Happiness is a journey, not a destination. It means we have to work towards it in order to overcome the negativity we are exposed to daily. We all will be happy in different ways, but the source code of happiness is quite similar for us all

Most of us have been taught not to be happy.

In this series we will look at how we can be happier persons.

Step 1 Explore yourself

We find a happy place.

A happy place may be writing and helping people like I do, or it may be cooking. It may be helping others, or reading a book.

Maybe it is going to a spa.

Start being aware of where you enjoy being. Look at the feeling and see why you enjoy it and you will start to find your happy places.

Don’t be alarmed on this exploration if a happy place is not being with a loved one, or if you feel it is outside your comfort zone.

Once you become aware of your place where you feel better in, you will start to develop other happy places too.

It is all about habit. When we get into the habit of enjoying something we give ourselves permission to enjoy other areas of life.

Step 2 Change your mind

Look at a situation you dislike- maybe it is going to your mother in laws or going to work. It doesn’t matter. Write it down  or use your phone to put it in words.

Now try to identify one item that you don’t like about that situation or place. Again put it in words

Ask yourself why you dislike it. Try and write down your feelings.

Now look at that situation or place and try and change the feeling you have to it. Talk to a friend (texting, phone call, email, etc.) to let them know what your negative thoughts are, and ask them to reframe and challenge them for you so you can read it or hear it. Ask others how they feel and try and ask yourself how would you feel if those emotions were yours. Reframing and challenging our emotions and feelings is the first step in changing your view of the world.